Ahh finally the very end of this madhouse called GLITCHCOLOR, these are also the remaining two pieces in the SILENCE sub-series. This sub series basically encompasses the whole collection. I finished these before some of the artwork that already came before it but I really wanted this to be the grand finale. While the title says “SILENCE” you may have noticed that they way these look are anything but SILENT or calm. I wanted to incorporate the flow of my hand-drawn work with the relentlessly edited and layered pieces. The broken glass and lightning motifs symbolize the never-ending need to break the silence in all areas of our personal lives in society.

We’ve been living in a version of silence for a very long time, since the time we were all born and brought into this world. The rise of “see now, buy now” and relentless advertisements invading our computer screens. That of which, mixed with the lack of adequate education and news sources can be very detrimental to our society as a whole. As a black person in most areas of the United States, after high school you start to learn all of the things that were conveniently left out of history books, the simple fact that there is way more history than/before slavery and MLK jr. You soon learn that the Black Panthers weren’t actually murderers and vigilantes, they had clinics and breakfast programs for schools.  You also learn about colonialism and that genocide isn’t just the holocaust, and that the US is a country built on genocide and enslavement.

Due to the vast amount of education that has been kept from us as a people, we have a lot of issues that arise between different groups of people, when it comes to double standards and relations with each other. A lot of these issues are rooted in the discounted education that we all received in our childhoods. Personally I feel like the root of all evil is a lack of education and nosiness, these two factors can be so damaging in all areas of our world. I’ve learned so much this past year, and I’m glad to have done this. I’m definitely not where I need to be yet, but the ending of GLITCHCOLOR is only the beginning. Remember to BREAK THE SILENCE.

– Ryan D 2017. Happy New Year.








The absence of sound. The absence of voice, heart, and mind. These two works are first two/four of the SILENCE sub-series. Being that most of my work has themes of contrast and duality. This is one of the many titles in the series that came to me instantly, the meaning of the word. Silence comes from so many different aspects, the ability to create and destroy, a form of respect (or lack thereof), and it can be rooted in fear, abuse, or opression.

In our world, you have a “moment of silence” after a passing. Yogis are silent during meditation in order to entirely relax their bodies and minds. Silence can be so vital in our lives in times of disarray and stress also when holding your tongue works a lot better than speaking up. They say actions speak louder than words, because most for the most part in the real world, it’s not really what you say, but what can you do? If you do decide to say something, is it credible? Is it honest? Do you know what you’re saying and why, and do you mean it? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself and the world in my head lately.

From Pulp Fiction (1994)

Mia: Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?
Vincent: I don’t know. That’s a good question.
Mia: That’s when you know you’ve found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.

With this series I wanted to explore the various strengths in silence. The good, the bad, and the vitality or lack thereof when it comes to speaking. The question is how do you say what you want to say? The most obvious answer would be to speak or say what you have to say aloud. It’s been seeming that nowadays, due to rising technology, and the rise of social media across the globe. We’ve gotten very comfortable with not using our voices.

We can now order takeout through an app, or the internet. We don’t have to call-in to buy anything from catalogs anymore because we can just order it online. person to person conversations are becoming more obsolete by the minute.  Currently, society is moving towards an age where we don’t have to speak to anyone in order to get anything done, which is great for convenience but people skills and manners might depreciate with time because of the depletion of communication.







#GLITCH12 is a prequel to #GLITCHCOLOR, I had the idea of doing 12 pieces of work accompany the entire series, ironically enough this sub-series of work came to fruition during the final touches of #GLITCHCOLOR. This collection of work is all about the metamorphosis of one image into different images, different expressions, and different textures. Sort of a wandering dreamer, dips into contradictory waters with full passion and love in tow.

Please do not copy or edit any of these pieces. 

_ Ryan D. #RD2016



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